GM and Ford Release Bearings

Update as of March 16, 2017

Mazda 3 and Mazda 5 Release Bearing

On 2004-14 Mazda 3 with a 2.0L, 2004-09 Mazda 3 with a 2.3L non-turbo and 2006-10 Mazda 5 with a 2.3L, there are two different versions of the release bearing.  The OE style bearing came with the clutch fork but the OE clutch fork is prone to failure.  Mazda redesigned the clutch fork which requires a different style bearing.  In order to use the new style bearing you must also replace the clutch fork with the new design and a new pivot pin/ball.

Ford Truck 7.3L DMF Replacement

February 16, 2016

1987-1998 Ford Trucks with a 7.3L originally were equipped with a dual mass flywheel.  Platinum Driveline offers replacement clutch kits and corresponding solid flywheels.  New bolts come with these new flywheels and must be used with a thread sealant to prevent oil leaks that could potentially leak onto the clutch disc material. 

You must tighten the bolts in a star pattern.  1987-1994 models with indirect injection, tighten to 45-49 ft. lbs. (Flywheels 167324 and 167325).  On 1994-1998 models with direct injection, tighten the bolts to 85-90 ft. lbs. (Flywheel 167323).  The pressure plate bolts on these models should be tightened to 15-20 ft. lbs.  

Ford Truck 6.0L Flywheel

February 16, 2016

2003-2004 Ford Trucks with a 6.0L diesel were originally equipped with a dual mass flywheel.  Platinum Driveline offers a solid flywheel replacement, part # 167582.  Ford discontinued the OE dual mass flywheel and is now replacing them with the solid flywheel design.  Along with clutch kit 07-180, this flywheel acts as an OE replacement.  In addition, the new flywheel comes with new bolts required for installation.  Please do not re-use the OE solid flywheel bolts, always use new bolts which are provided.

Dodge Truck Performance Clutch Kit

February 16, 2016

2005 and newer Dodge Trucks with a 5.9L/6.7L have aftermarket performance engine parts available.  These parts can produce over 900 ft. lbs. of torque.  This is usually overwhelming for the OE clutch kit and the aftermarket dual mass flywheel conversion kits offering a single clutch disc. 

Platinum Driveline offers a dual disc design clutch kit that is able to handle these extreme torques.  Part # 05-902 includes a performance pressure plate, dual ceramic/organic clutch discs, an intermediate drive plate, solid flywheel, new clutch fork and hardware for installation.

It is also recommended to replace the hydraulic system with our part # PS0523-2 to ensure proper slave cylinder travel.

Dodge Truck Flywheel Conversion

 February 16, 2016

2005-2012 Dodge Turbo 5.9L/6.7L Cummins G56 Transmission: Platinum Driveline offers a solid flywheel replacement for the OE dual mass flywheel.  This flywheel (part # 167437) is for vehicles that have had a competitor’s flywheel installed previously, eliminating the engine adapter plate.  Our flywheel comes with the mounting bolts and a new pilot bearing.

Our clutch kit 05-224 can be used with this new flywheel.  It has a larger diameter of 13” providing more torque capacity.

Platinum Driveline also offers an OE replacement flywheel (part # 167436) that can be used with the engine adapter plate.  If the OE engine adapter plate is not reusable, they can be hard to find.  In this instance, part # 167437 can be used. 

It is very important to mention that the OE hydraulic system does not have sufficient slave cylinder travel.  Along with a difficult bleeding procedure, it is recommended to replace the hydraulics with an upgraded pre-bled system offered by Platinum Driveline.  Part # PS0523-2 is also available and will save time and money as it is produced to handle the above clutch kit/flywheel conversions.

General Clutch Installation

February 15, 2016Clutch Kit Installation Instructions

  1. Remove damaged or worn clutch. Fully support the transmission and remove gearbox bolts; the gearbox should not hang on the drive shaft. Remove clutch cover bolts.

  2. Diagnose the situation. Determine the cause of clutch malfunction before replacing the new clutch system. Check hydraulic system (e.g., master cylinders, slave cylinders, clutch cable), and replace additional parts if necessary. Look for oil leaks, dust, rust, and other problems. Check drive shaft splines for wear. Ensure the clutch fork and bearing tube are not cracked or damaged.

  3. Prepare the vehicle for installation. The flywheel needs to be replaced or machined. Repair any oil leaks near the clutch. The gearbox main drive shaft and bell housing should be cleaned of oil, fibers, and dust. Review any special instructions or specifications from the vehicle manufacturer.

  4. Check your parts. Validate you have all the correct clutch parts for the vehicle you are working on. Inspect each part for damage such as cracks and deep scratches.

  5. Fit the clutch disc onto the drive shaft. Lightly grease the shaft splines with high melting point grease. Over-lubricating the spline of your clutch disc will contaminate the friction material on the clutch disc and cause slippage. Next, fit the disc onto the drive shaft, ensuring the disc slides easily and is installed facing the right direction. Using the enclosed clutch alignment tool makes the installation easier, ensures correct alignment, and can prevent spline damage.

  6. Install the clutch cover. Place the clutch cover over the clutch disc, checking the hub section of the disc does not fall on the casting of the clutch cover assembly. Ensure pressure plate dowels are aligned to the cover. Tighten bolts in a diagonal pattern using a toque wrench.

  7. Install the release bearing. Lightly grease the bearing retainer, fork pivot, and fork fingers to allow smooth sliding of the bearing. Place the bearing into the fork and check to make sure it is not loose.

  8. Complete Installation. Refit gear box and tighten bell housing, taking care not to bend the clutch disc. Check all bell housing dowels are in the correct position and tighten bell housing bolts. Reset the clutch master cylinder push rod to obtain comfortable pedal release position

  9. Conduct a road test. It is critical to conduct a road test to ensure proper engagement of the clutch system and comfort for the driver. Make adjustments as necessary.

For more information or additional troubleshooting, please contact your Platinum Driveline distributor or reach us directly by calling 314-678-9310 or by email at Warranty on Platinum Driveline clutch kits and components are subject to correct installation based on these instructions and any further guidance from the vehicle manufacturer. Warranty is also subject to replacement of all parts included in the clutch kit.